My research

Where I work

At the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, with Mariano Vazquez, Guillaume Houzeaux, and José María Cela.

What I do

I lead the Scientific Visualization team at BSC. I am a theoretical physicist and a programmer.

What am I doing

In the Scientific Visualization team our vision is to create beautiful and novel imagery that can explain research to the general public, but that at the same time retains enough quantitative detail so that the expert eye can extract useful information.

On the programming side, I am currently developing a LES combustion and chemistry simulator based on Alya, the high performance multi-physics simulator. This project is aimed at simulating the recycling of concrete (buildings), and chemical reactors for the production of biodiesel.

Brief CV After getting my Ph. D. in quantum physics from the University of Cordoba, Argentina, I started working as a Director's Postdoctoral Fellow in Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA. I worked with Eddy Timmermans, Wojciech H. Zurek, and Juan Pablo Paz. From there I moved to Barcelona, to work in the Institute of Photonic Sciences as a Caixa Manresa Postdoctoral Fellow with Maciej Lewenstein, Antonio Acin, and Ignacio Cirac. Then, I got a position at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center to work on combustion simulation. After a few months I was offered to lead the newly created Scientific Visualization Team.